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We have a passion for horses..
Share it with us in a unique natural environment.

We are Silvia and Hugo.

Acuarela del Río is the result of a deep love that we have felt for horses for a long time.
I am Silvia, horses have always been present in my family. When I was 3 years old, I was already riding alone, and as an adult, I was part of the El Encuentro Equestrian Club in Córdoba, where I met Hugo.
Hugo was also in love with horses. As a child, he had a farm with his family and later studied Agronomy. The equine passion brought us together right away.
Together, we used to ride horses for 4 or 5 hours a day, and twice a year, we went on long horseback rides. Riding for days, we traveled to places like Catamarca, Cuzco, Tilcara, and even crossed the Andes mountains.

There came a time when we felt the need to share this passion, and in 2018, “Al Paso Aventuras” was born, an authorized alternative tourism provider that allowed us to offer horseback riding services within the estate.

What happened then?

The people who came for the day knew the place and didn't want to leave!

They asked us for accommodation in the estate, and we had nothing to offer them.

Always seeking to meet their needs, in 2019, we remodeled the main house of Acuarela del Río, creating 2 suites and 2 family rooms.

In our commitment to being more sustainable every day, we also have solar panels, a farm,
and an organic orchard. From there, our most delicious, natural, and exclusive dishes are born,
so that your experience in Acuarela is complete.

We hope to see you soon in Acuarela to share with us this equine passion in an unparalleled natural setting!


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